Reliable, simple in control and cost-efficient – these are only some facts, why our stepping motors are so popular among our customers.

In our range you will find hybrid- and PM-stepping motors – the overall look gets completed by our controllers.


  • step angles 0,9°; 1,8°; 3,6°; 7,5°; 15°/step
  • unipolar and bipolar
  • holding torque up to 50 Nm
  • controllers in half-step, full-step or microstep
  • optional with gearbox, special shaft and special winding or with spindle as linear drive

Hybrid & PM Stepping motors

<strong>Hybrid stepping motors</strong>, as well as <strong>permanent magnet stepping motors </strong> are built of a fixed stator and a rotating rotor within.

Due to different aligned magnetic fields you get a strong rotating field, which spins the rotor. By turning on and off individual coils the motors can be positioned in an easy way and control of speed and direction of the rotation is enabled.

This makes it a <strong>cost effective solution with high precision in positioning. </strong>

There are two different types of industrial stepping motors:

<h3><strong>permanent magnet stepping motors:</strong></h3>
<ul class=”list–elements”>
<li><img class=”alignleft wp-image-1737″ src=”×225.jpg” alt=”IMAG0160″ width=”147″ height=”154″ />The rotor is made of a cylindric permanent magnet with radial magnetisation. The step angles are higher due to the natural limitation of magnetic poles in parallel.

<strong>size</strong>: diameter 10mm to 57mm
<strong>step angle</strong>: 7,5°, 15° and 18°
<strong>holding torque</strong>: 1,5mNm to 120mNm</li>
Die <strong>Advantages</strong>of using permanent magnet stepping motors (PM steppers):
<li>more favorable soltution</li>
<li>high overall moment of the rotos</li>
Therefore you only have a limited amount of step angles to choose from.
<h4><strong>Downloads PM stepping motors:</strong></h4>
<a class=”btn–download” href=”” target=”_blank”>overview PM stepping motors</a>

<a class=”btn–download” href=”” target=”_blank”>overview rotational stepping motors</a>

<h3><strong>Hybrid stepping motors:</strong></h3>
<ul class=”list–elements”>
<li><img class=”alignleft wp-image-2469 ” src=”×225.png” alt=”” width=”162″ height=”164″ />A rotor made of axial permanent magnets with cogged caps mounted at the end. North pole and south pole are alternating.
This enables smaller step angles.<strong>size</strong>: 20mm to 130mm
<strong>step angles</strong>: 0,9°, 1,8° and 3,6°
<strong>holding torque</strong>: 16mNm to 50Nm</li>
<strong>Hybrid stepping motors</strong> are the most used form of stepping motors worldwide.

The advantages of using <strong>hybrid stepping motors: (hybriid steppers)</strong>:
<li>high torque</li>
<li>exact step angles</li>
But with hybrid stepping motors you also have to consider magnetic losses.

<h4><strong>Downloads hybrid stepping motors:</strong></h4>
<a class=”btn–download” href=”” target=”_blank”>Übersicht Hybridschrittmotoren</a>

<a class=”btn–download” href=”” target=”_blank”>overview rotational steppers</a>

Linear stepping motors

ovement on the whole line. With our partners for linearmotor-axis, we definitely have the right solution to meet your expectations.

Our selection includes linear stepping motors with shaft (also with integrated electronic) as high-dynamic, precise linearmotor axis, which are also cleanroom capable.

Details of linear stepping motors:

  • size 20 to 86mm
  • non-captive or external shaft
  • shaft length up to 610mm

stepping motors with integrated electronic

  • Our hybrid stepping motors as well as our linear stepping motors are available with integratied electronic.

    size: 35, 42, 57, 86mm

    holding torque: up to 7,5Nm

    step angle: 1,8° up to 256 µSteps

    voltage range: 24-75VDC, 120-240VAC

your advantages on one sight:

  • driver can be programmed individually and has clock/direction input
  • optional with current reduction, position detection and CAN-bus
  • also available with spindle as linear drive

In the area of stepping motors with integrated electronic, there is an extended modular system to build a motor that fits best to your needs. Our technicians appreciate to help you choosing the right combination.

Please find a short summary of available combinations here:

Downloads stepping motors with integrated electronic:

overview stepping motors with integrated electronic