As an expert for industrial display & touch solutions we recognized the increasing demand of display based solutions in the field of safety in a very early stage.

Only a few years ago, touchscreens got considered very innovative. Meanwhile the focus changed to improve the mechanical, electrical and optical performance of individual HMI solutions.

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The goal is to give an added value by increasing the integration depth while improving the quality and performance. This is done by by combining display- and touch components with customized control electronics and individual metal housing. All done by one provider – next system.

Our value chain in the field of display & touch solutions ranges from choosing the right

  • components
  • controllers
  • mechanics
  • touch- & haptic solutions starting from 
  • bonding process up to complete
  • in-house assembling

For the PCAP solutions we also offer individual firmwares to adapt our customers needs – for example operating with gloves, hand recognition or full-water-proof displays as well as high EMC resistance.