Industry computer platform

19" rack systems

The name 19” rack mount PC describes a possible design of an industrial PC. Here, the technology is packed into a robust “shell”. When using such a system, you remain very flexible in all ways.

  • 19 RACK SYSTEME long-term availability
    – Standard heights 1HE, 2HE, 4HE- minimal installation depth
    – many drives (RAID)
    – many expansion cards (up to 14)
    – Hot Swap
    – Remote Management
    – redundant power supplies
    dynamical fan control
    – almost unlimited performance
    – assembled and tested
    – Windows, Linux, VxWorks,…

Out technology partners Kontron and IEI look back at many years of experience in this branche. Based upon mainboards, we can adapt our 19″ rack systems to your requirements in space and technology.


They are small but fine and above all are the perfect solution if customers want numerous interfaces as well as compactness.
Machines, systems and equipment cabinet builders like to use these especially robust and powerful IPC systems for applications with a limited amount of space.

The technology behind the resilient packaging is dependent on the respective application. Depending on need, main boards, embedded Single Board Computers or Compact PCI solutions are used.

Boxed PC

The advantages of BOX-PCs

  • minimum space required
  • scalable performance by using industrial CPU modules (COM, SBC, Compact PCI, uTCA, mITX)
  • fanless, in spite of high computing performance
  • maintenance free
  • rapid time to market
  • snap-on fitting on mounting rails

You can find a selection of Box-PCs at our partners Kontron and IEI. Apart from the standard program we offer our customers the possibility to define a custom made IPC. In our IPC Design Center we can supply solutions to perfectly fit your requirements.

HMI - Panel PCs

The classical area of application for panel PCs is monitoring and operating systems. They are usually built into an equipment cabinet or a control panel.

By using embedded operating systems (Windows CE, Windows XP (embedded), Windows 7, Linux embedded), and with the simultaneous use of flash media for data storage, even a completely fanless design without rotating parts is possible.
But, fanless doesn’t automatically mean that it is slow. All popular technologies and CPUs are available for panel PCs, from ARM 9, AMD LX800, through (Dual Core) Atom up to Core i7

We have the perfect solution for any application:

HMI Panel

  • fanless, compact unit
  • hard disc, SSD or compact flash
  • 5,7“ to 19“ with touch screen
  • Multi Touch
  • from ultra-low-power to high-end
  • x86 CPUs and ARM
  • field bus coupling
  • customer-specific versions possible


Our technology partners Kontron and Penta offer a wide range of Panel-PCs and Stand-Alone HMIs with metal housings and IP65 front protection. Our partner IEI additionally offers Panel-PCs with plastic housings.

Tell us about your application and your requirements. We help you select the best suitable product.