Touch solutions

You want to use your Touch indoor and outdoor, vandal proof, optimized for use with fingers or gloves or pens?

We have the right Touchscreen solution for any application.

Like the name ‘touch screen’ already implies, touching the screen is adequate to get the equipment’s program running.

Commands are entered by pointing a finger. Many systems can even compile multiple simultaneous touches into commands, in order to rotate or scale display elements, for example.

There is a wide range of applications for touch screens. They range from information monitors in train stations or trade fairs to banking and gambling machines up to applications in industry. Depending on the area of application, a different touch screen is needed. In banks, for example, designs involving the relatively vandal-proof Surface Acoustic Wave Technology are in demand.

We have analogue resistive, capacitive (surface and projected) and SAW touch screens in our product range. In addition, front panels and the mechanics for displays and touch screens can be obtained from us.

Touchscreen Sensors

The different available technologies offer the perfect solution for any kind of application.

In the field of Touchscreen – Sensors we have a long term experience and can offer the up-to-date technologies. Together with you we will find the perfect solution for your application.

We offer:

  • Projected Capacitive Touches
  • Resistive Touches
  • Resistive Multitouches
  • Resistive Window Touches
  • Surface Capazivite Touches
  • Surface Accoustic Wave Touches

Projected Capacitive Touchscreens

The most recent state of the art technology. Well known from the design oriented consumer products. With this new touch technology you can build your system without any front bezels.

The Touch combines the benefits of capacitive touch with the options of using an additional protective cover glas.

So you have various options to individually design your touch unit based on application and customer requirements.

The main benefits of this technology

  • Multitouch
  • outdoor use optional
  • bezel-free with glass surface
  • optional use with gloves
  • Various options through different cover glasses (antiglare, antireflective, vandal-proof, customized printing,…)
  • still works with broken cover glass
  • available from 5,7″ to 32″

available from 5,7″ to 85″