Industrial monitors

installation monitors

This branch is split into two areas, which differ in their mounting. The rackmount installation monitors, which are mostly used in 19″ racks – as well as panel mount monitors, which are used in control panel doors or control panels.

installation monitors are available in different options:

  • einbaumonitorfor cabinet or bracket mounting
    in different sizes from 12,1″ to 19″with custom design

    IP65 protected Front

    even vandal proof

Open Frame monitors

So-called open frame monitors are the foundation of many applications. They are devices in which the casing has been reduced to have the minimum amount of mechanics. On one hand, this results in maximum flexibility and a unique price-performance ratio on the other hand.

The following can be selected from next system:

  • open frame monitorsizes from 6.5″ to 42″
    devices with CE and UL certificates
    designs with and without touchscreen
    long-term availability, Form-Fit-Function

Desktop monitors

Desktop monitors don’t have to be mounted, as they have a complete housing. Therefore they are ready to use at your office. Depending on their usage, we offer a different versions of dekstop monitors:


  • devices in analog-resistive or capacitive version – or with SAW technology
  • sizes from 8,4″ to 32″
  • OEM monitors

Monitor mounts

For health reasons alone, it is important to keep your work equipment in the right position. It doesn’t matter whether it is a notebook, stand-alone PC, monitor, or keyboard, ergonomics at the workplace is always worth it. With our mounting systems, you will always be flexible in any case – in the factory and in the office.

These are our solutions:

  • Monitorhalterungrotatable and pivoted
    height adjustable
    up to 8 Monitors
    customized solutions
    meet the actual VESA standards