cover glasses

Get an individual P-cap Touch by adding a customized cover glass:

For our projected capacitive touche-sensors we also offer overlays, what opens a wide range of different possibilities.

Due to the huge amount of different cover glasses we can make your p-cap f.e. break- and vandalism-proof. For sophisticated surroundings we can offer “antiglare” and “antireflective” covers. Due to optical bonding of glass and touch, the reflections are reduced to a minimum. This makes it perfect for outdoor applications.

Other classes with very thin design (below 1mm) makes it useful for mobile applications.

Individual printed cover glasses allow a customer specific and distinctive design. The design combinations are almost endless.

Further options for overlays are individual decoration foils and membrane keypads. There are also a lot of options to choose from:

  • custmer specific form and printing
  • antiglare surface
  • antireflective surface
  • specific drilling or milling.
  • chemically initiated or thermal hardened
  • vandalism-proof
  • thin glass
  • IR & UV glass
  • edge processing
  • PMMA
  • Optical Bonding
  • gluing to the mechanical part


Customized mechanical parts, front plates, housings, decor foils, membrane keypads, capacitive buttons,….

All knowledge comes with experience”

is a quotation of the famous Immanuel Kant. Unitl now, nothing has changed this principle – you can learn a lot of things in theory, but often it still differents from the practice.

Together with our customers and their projects we learned a lot over the years, finding the right solution, the best combination of products. Right now we have enough experience, even our manufacturers rely on our expertise.

We know front plates and mechanis very well and know what really matters. We also support you with the design of the housing or membrane keypads as well as capacitive keys.

Front plates not only guarantee optimal protection for touchscreen and display – the also give your display an individual design.



This is why these items are

  • customized to your needs
  • painted or anodized
  • with different protection classes up to IP65
  • in different designs: especially for OEMS and with imprint
  • capacitive keys even with iillumination