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We are a young, dynamic, private and independent company and we offer high-quality technical components and all-in-one solutions in electronics and mechanics to our customers.

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“Solutions take center stage in our work”

We are more than a commercial enterprise. We realize the ideas of our customers by collaborating with innovative manufacturers that are the market leaders on their sectors. We advise our customers to help them find the optimum technical solution in the areas of automation technology, the automotive industry, industrial electronics, information technology, communication technology, machine and plant construction, traffic and multimedia systems, right up to medical systems. We strive for long term business relationships in partnership with our clients through individual, customer-specific solutions. We are committed to having a zero-defect target and to that effect are always optimizing our services.

High quality and professional system solutions, partnerships with our customers that are filled with life, and a great price-performance ratio form the basis of our daily work. By being conscious of quality and acting responsibly, we want to exceed all requirements and expectations set by our clients and thus become a valuable and indispensable partner in the realization of problem solutions.

As a high-tech enterprise, we want to increase and improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our work by using advanced technical facilities and through permanent further education of our staff. With our solutions, we want to contribute to the advancement of the quality of life while protecting the environment and treating resources with care. To secure jobs and the company, we aim for financial success and growth in our activities.