Linear motor axis

Linax series overview:

The Jenny Science assortment offers a wide range of combinable products for different kinds of applications.

As effeciency is getting more and more important, these linear axis are built very compact and as result of a high resolution glass scale they can be programmed to the exact position within 1 µm (optional resolution of 100nm available)

The different series aim to different applications:


    Axis in monobloc design – which means magnets and spool are staionary (no moving cable, no drag chain)

    distance up to272mm
    force 40N Fn – 114N Fp




    Built for X-Z applications. These linearmotor-axis have 4 constant holes, which makes it easy to combine 2 axis directly.

    distance up to 320mm

    force 60N Fn – 180N Fp


    Linearmotorachsen_LXSEspecially for longer distance lengths. Due to recessed linearmotors the height is reduced to only 38mm. Optional with second slide.

    distance up 1200mm

    force bis 60N Fn – 180N Fp



    Due to a special protection cover these linear axis are very easy to be cleaned, which makes them perfect for medical applications.

    distance up to 1000mm

    force up to 40N Fn – 114N Fp


ELAX linearmotor axis as pneumatic replacement

ELAX® is a competitive alternative to the well known pneumatic slides.

Due to the compact integration of the linear motor into the housing you get perfect force/capacity ratio.

As the LINAX® series, the ELAX® linear axis are built in a modular system, so they can be combined without using intemediate flange.

Your advantages at one glance:

  • high dynamic (up to 3m/s)
  • high precision (+/-10µm) – resolution 1µm
  • less noise, less vibration
  • force control/force monitoring
  • one cable connection


Xenax Servocontroller

The XENAX® Ethernet servocontrollers are built for commissioning, testing and configuring the linear axis from Jenny Science easily through your webbrowser.

In combination with an Ethernet switch, a multiaxis operation is possible right from the start.

Basically they have 12 inputs and 8 output channels for SPS functionality. You can also save 64 programs, 50 positioning blocks and 5 individual driving profiles internally.

The XENAX® servocontrollers are also available with integrated safety function (STO, SS1, SS2, SLS, SIL2,…)


Also the implementation into a high level controller is simple, as Jenny Science offers ready to use BUS modules for all common protocols (EtherCAT, Powerlink, CANopen, Profinet).

The newest generation of controllers also is equipped with a profile generator (s-curve), a safety motion unit and a “cogging” compensation.


Video Jenny Science


The XENAX® Xvi 75V8 servocontroller in combination with the PROFINET busmodule makes it easy to control your Jenny Science linear motor axis through your PROFINET system.

Both synchronous operation IRT with SIMOTION or simple positioning with SIMATIC, this compatible servocontroller offers individual solutions in your familiar environment.

LINAX® Smart Phone Inspection

LINAX® with clean room option

LINAX® Pick and Place application

This high dynamic pick and place system is built with two LINAX® linear axis screwed directly together.

The weight compensation on the vertical axis prevents abrupt downturn in case of power loss and unburdens the linear drive.

LINAX® Gantry Roboter

The LINAX® linear axis can be screwed together directly, for example for dynamic gantry systems.

LINAX® with Powerlink Busmodul

This compact LINAX® linear axis is controlled over Powerlink with an SPS made by B&R. This bus module make it easy to control the XENAX® Ethernet Servo Controller in your familiar programming environment.