Tell us, which powersupply you need, and you can choose from a wide range of AC- and DC-fans.
Wheter you want axial-, radialfans or chipcooler -with our well known manufacturers we will find the right solution for your project.


  • voltage range 5 to 48 VDC or 115V/50Hz to 230V/50Hz
  • lifetime up to 100.000 hours
  • air performance up to 1000m³/h
  • optional with protecting grills and mounting material

axial fans

  • Foto Ecofanaxial fans are available in sizes from 10 – 254mm – in AC as well as in  DC models.
    This type of fans is the most common one.
    Hereby, the rotation axis is built parallel to the airflow. Axial fans are used, when high airflow is needed at small construction size.

radial fans

  • sepa-PI-Lüfterradial fans are available in sizes from 10-60mm

    They are used, when higher pressure at equal airflow is needed. Therefore, the air is sucked in axial and blown out  at an angle of 90°.

fan accessories

  • Foto Schrauben TP_1To use your fans in the most efficient way, we also offer a wide range of accessories for integrating the fan into your application the best possible way and minimize running noises.Starting from mounting material and heat-conducting paste up to electronic controls and safety equipment – we can offer everything it needs to use your fans effectively.

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