DC motors

  • advantages on one sight:

    exploded view of a dc motor
    exploded view of a dc motor

    -> high efficiency

    -> motor size 3 to 80mm

    -> performance range from 0,5 to 250W

    -> voltage range 6 to 120VDC

    -> speed range up to 12.000 rpm

    -> optional with spur-, planetary-, angular- or worm gearbox

    -> EMC protection, encoders, brakes and speed control on demand

With several notable partners, next system offers a wide range of available DC Motors – even with different gearboxes.

Please choose the right solution from our extensive stock program in different sizes and power ranges.

These products are available within a few days – provided they’re on stock.
We also offer the possibility to develop your own customized motor – adapted to your applications needs.
Gladly we will handle the different adjustments according to your use:

choose from different variations
adapting the DC motor to your needs