“The office sector is something for “pencil pushers”; somewhat tougher guys are needed in an industrial environment.”

An industrial PC has to successfully defy different environmental effects and electromagnetic interference. It must be increasingly real-time compatible and must not fail under any circumstances. Any other characteristics are dependent on the specific application.

Give us an outline of your application, and we will find the ideal computer for you. And, if the perfect solution is not available off the rack, then we will design and build a system that is custom made for your purposes together with our suppliers.

You will find a great variety of models in our product portfolio: We offer Panel PCs, Box PCs, 19“ Rack mount PCs, mobile solutions, stand-alone PC systems and Compact PCI Systems.


Our suppliers offer a wide range of products on industrial and “embedded” motherboards with sizes that range from Mini-ITX to EATX. We know exactly what is really important to customers of these products. Therefore, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on long-term availability, an industrial design, and the price/performance ratio. Regarding the choice of components we have placed our faith in the Intel Embedded Roadmap and the new AMD® Embedded R-Series for our boards.

General features:

  • long-term availability 5+2 years
  • life-cycle Management & Revision Control
  • very good design-in support
  • advanced technical documentation
  • multi display support incl. eDP, LVDS, DVI and ADD Cards
  • remote hardware Monitoring/Control with API Software
  • Mini-ITX

    Main application areas: Point-of-Sales/Point-of-Information, Gaming and Infotainment, Measurement Technologies, Lottery and Banking as well as „classical“ applications in industrial PCs

    Intel® Atom™ up to Intel® Core™i7 – 3rd Generationwith its 170 x 170 mm Mini-ITX is the smallest compatible Motherboard Formfaktor
    PCI- or PCI-Express x16-Slot

  • Flex-ATX

    more performance with lower heat dissipation

    also available with 22nm processor Intel® Core™ i7 – 3rd Generation

    typical applications in the areas of data communication, medicine (e.g. ultrasound systems), multimedia and gaming

    improved graphics through PCI Express x16

  • ATX

    the classical mainboard formfactor

    highest performance with up to 4x 2.66 GHz processor speed as well as 2x 4 MB L2 cache with a TDP of a maximum of 130 W

    mobile and Desktop CPU performance available

    good graphics thanks to PEG (PCIe x16)numerous interfaces

  • Server Mainboards

    Server-Class Motherboards with up to 4 Intel® Xeon™ 15- kernel processors
    long lifetime, cost efficiency and equipped with up to 768GB DDR3 ECC

    low latency time due to NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express)

    Intel® Xeon® Processor v3 Family

Single board computers

With our SBC series you can use different form factors as well as the resultant possibilities. Single Board Computers are equipped with all relevant components and interfaces. The form the basis for Box-PCs and Panel-PCs. These boards are available with a wide range of CPU performance and can support any application from low-power to high-end.

  • pITX 2,5″

    small, smaller, pITX (100 x 72 mm)

    low power consumption, high performance and cost savingSATA, PATA, USB, DVI, LANDual Display (DVI + LVDS)very low power consumption

  • Nano ITX

    The biggest SBC form factor (12x12cm)

    mPCIe oder M.2(NGFF) extension

    Dual Display, Dual LAN

    USB 3.0

    12VDC power supply

  • EPIC, 5,25″ und 3,5” SBC

    scaleable off-the-shelf-board solution

    mPCIe oder M.2(NGFF) extension

    AMD® Geode™ LX 800, Intel® Atom™ N270 up to Intel® Core™ i7

    short time-to-market

  • Slot-CPU

    Slot-CPUs are used wherever many extension-slots are needed. Beside solutions with PCIe and PCI Bus there are also SBC with ISA Bus solutions. This makes it possible to combine up to 24 extension cards into one 19″ casing.
    PICMG 1.0 (ISA + PCI Bus)PICMG 1.3 (PCI + PCIe Bus)A smaller solution beside Full Size Slots-CPUs are Half-sized cards.

Computer on modules

Computer-on-Modules (COM) are complete Computers on cartridges.

All relevant functions as CPU, memory units and chipsets are mounted to the COM-board.

Functional units for special applications are outsourced to a customer specific circuit board.

Each board can be easily up- or downgraded by changing the CPU-Modules – therefore customer designs can be realized faster.

Extended Temperature COM

All form factors have modules for extented temperature areas (E1 from -25 °C to +75 °C and E2 from -40 °C to +85 °C)

For additional information, please check our COM-Linecard or get in contact with us directly.

  • ETX®
    the established COM standard is still developing further – even 10 years after its market launch.
    size: Baugröße: 95 x 114 mm
    high skalability
    AMD Geode LX 800 to Dual Core AMD G-Series T56N)
    PCI, ISA, USB, IDE, SATA…available at least up to 2020 (AMD G-Series)

COM Express™

Kontrons COM express™ modules are compatible with the COM Express™ Standard defined by 
PICMG This standard is the succesful further development of ETX® and contains beside the support of state-of-the-art CPU technologies and well known interfaces as PCI, IDE or USB also the increasingly important interfaces as PEG (PCIexpress Grafik), PCIe, SATA und Gigabit Ethernet.

In addition to the already established scalability in CPU fields, COM Express™ Standard now offers 3 different sizes:

  • COM Express basic
    – size 95 x 125 mm
    – COM Express™COM.0 Type 2 oder Type 6 Connector
    – scalable from Intel® Celeron® M to Intel® Core™ i7 – 4th Generation
  • COM Express™ compact
    – size 95 x 95 mm
    – COM Express™ COM.0 Type 2 Connector
    – scalable from Intel® and AMD Single Core bis Intel® Core™ i7 – 4th Generation
    versions with soldered RAM and OnBoard SSD available
  • COM Express™ mini
    – size 84 x 55 mm – smallest size (credit card)
    – COM Express™ COM.0 Type 1 oder Type 10 Connector
    – energy saving 22nm Technologie with Intel® Quad Core Technolgie (J1900, N2930 and E3845)
    – soldered RAM and OnBoard SSD or uSDSockel


specific Pin-Out definition for ARM and x86 specifications. – made for usage in harsh conditions.

  • – scalable performance
    – size of a credit card
    – standardized Pin-Out
    – expandable temperature area
    – long-term available (up to 15 years)


As one of the first COM-form factors Kontron introduced the DIMM/PC in 1998. Our partner b-plus has now developed new boards according to that form factor. The performance of the DMMBoard DX86 is situated between the current Intel® Atom™ and classical 586 solutions. The power consumption of these boards is even lower than existing Intel® Atom™ platforms (appr. 3-4 Watt).

Using x86 architecture gives you the possibility to run typical embedded operating systems like WinCE and Linux as well as Windows XPembedded. Existing x86 applications can easily be upgraded without the need to switch to other CPU architectures like ARM or RISC.

Additionally the unit supports extended temperature range from -20 °C to +85 °C and fanless designs.

Applications for these COMs without graphics processor are Gateways, SPS or data loggers.

Starterkits and Evaluation Boards

In order to support the development we supply starter kits and evaluation boards for various form factors.


Of course we also offer the service to develop carrier boards and baseboards for any specific application or support you in your development.

RAM & Flash solutions

Innodisk Corp. is one of the industry-leading manufacturer and solution provider of flash storage devices for industrial applications and embedded systems.

Due to long experience and profound knowledge in NAND flash memory, InnoDisk is capable of developing series of cost-effective products of excellent quality, remarkable performance and high reliability.

Focusing on the variety of market demands, InnoDisk provides NAND flash storage products for a wide range of application platforms.

Excellent performance, highest level of quality standard and reliability – for exact these reasons we have chosen InnoDisk to be our partner concerning storage devices.

All products are available as SLC (Single Level Cell) as well as MLC (Multi Level Cell) versions. There is a flash solution for every application.

Please find an overview of our standard products below. As some markets – as the gaming industry, transportation or military applications – have special requirements, we are also able to provide customized solutions.

Just send us your specifications – we will find a solution made for your appliacation.

  • Innodisk iCF Serie

    – also available as iCF 8000 (High-Speed up to 95 MB/sec), iCF Write/Protect or iSMART iCF (with SMART technology integrated)
    – 128 MB ~ 16 GB
    optional as „INDUSTRIAL” design with extended operating temperature range
    (-40 °C up to +85 °C)
    – vibration resistant up to 20G (7~2000 Hz)
    – shock proof up to 1500 G/0,5 ms

  • Innodisk CFast Serie

    – newest standard of CFA (CompactFlash Association)
    – 2 GB ~ 128 GBCF
    – form factor with SATA interface
    optional as „INDUSTRIAL” design with extended operating temperature range (-40 °C up to +85 °C)
    vibration resistant up to 20 G (7~2000 Hz)– shock proof up to 1500 G/0,5 ms


  • Innodisk EDC (D.O.M.) Serie

    – also availabile in HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL, iSMART EDC (with integrated SMART-Technology) or 40pin resp. 44pin
    – 128 MB ~ 32 GBoptional „INDUSTRIAL” version with extended temperature range (-40 °C bis +85 °C)
    – vibration proof up to 5G (7~2000 Hz)Shock proof up to 50 G/10 ms- CE/FCC/RoHS

  • Innodisk SSD FiD Serie

    – also available as SATA, SATA II, SATA III, 44pin IDE/ATA
    – various designs e.g. 1,5”, 2,5” and Slim
    – High-Speed up to 340MB/sec and SMART technology integrated
    – 128 MB ~ 512 GB
    – optional as „INDUSTRIAL” design with extended operating temperature range
    (-40 °C up to +85 °C)
    – vibration resistant up to 20 G (7~2000 Hz)
    – Shock proof up to 1500 G/0,5 ms
    – CE/FCC/RoHS

  • Innodisk RAM Lösungen

    – Traditional SDRAMs to modern DDR4 modules- Long DIMM or SO-DIMM
    – Extended temperature versions
    – Gecoatete versions available
    – Spezielle ECC and Server Varianten
    – BOM freeze

Embedded periphery

In many of our projects we found out, that sometimes specifications defined at the beginning of a project, are not sufficient in the end. Sometimes requirements change, so you have two options: get back to the start, or upgrade. .

With mPCI and M.2 (NGFF) the possibilities are almost endless.

The bandwidth goes from SATA Ports – including RAID functions, different graphic outputs up to additional USB and LAN interfaces.

By using such extensions you expand your functionality and therefore safe time and money.

We will always try to keep this growing area up to date – if you nevertheless need a different solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • mPCIe/mSATA

    Adapter for mPCIe to half mPCIe or mSATA mini
    additional USB Typ A connector or USB Pinheader

  • mPCIe/mSATA

    Adapter for PCIe 2.0 to four SATA Ports
    supports AHCI

  • M.2(NGFF)

    adapter for SATA to two SATA Ports
    integrated hardware RAID controller (0/1)

  • Standard PCIe

    Adapter for PCIe 2.0 to four SATA Ports
    supports AHCI