EMC / EMI support

Wheter monitor, touchscreen, display or their control – an EMC friendly design protects both – machines and humans.

Unintentionally emitted electromagnetical interfering signals can cause disfunctions or even a total failure of the electronic.

This is why we place great value on perfectly coordinated components and an almost failure free operation between the single devices.

Thanks to our many years of experience we built up a set of solutions to fall back on helping you solve your problems.

Whether you need support with the design of the housing – where you can prevent a lot of problems by using an appropriate shielding – filtering electrical signals or just twisting cables, together we will find the right solution.

Advantages of appropriate EMC design:

  • Design Support and Consulting with your housing and overall concept
  • minimizing the impact of electromagnetical interferences
  • interference proof transmission of signals
  • interference free working with machines and applications
  • interference free electrical measurements and unaltered results
  • functionality of touch despite interfering EMC signals (“10VM“)