Bonding direct bonding of display and touch or cover glass

next system provides the clarity with optical bonding – the optical clogging of your display with it’s touch or protective glass!

The best known technique of bonding is the so called optical bonding.

To improve the readability of a display in direct sunlight we recommend to glue the touch optical with the display. By using a high transparent glue, display and touch become one without any air between them.

This reduces reflections by two thirds. By adding an additional anti-reflective coating to the touch, reflections get reduced to a minimum of 0,2%

Beside the improved readability, optical bonding also brings some other advantages:

  • improved brightness, as the display Backlight is reflected by only one surface.
  • better contrast and perspective
  • no dust or condensed water between touch and display
  • better resistance against shock, pressure and thermal pressure

optical bonding

The ideal solution is to use our High-Brightness Displays with extended perspective and color fastness.

In addition to optical bonding, we also offer standard air-bonding.