Corporate Mission Statement Who we are – What we offer - What we want

We are a young, dynamic, private and independent technology venture and provide our customers with high-quality technical components and system solutions for electronics and mechanics.


We are more than a commercial enterprise: As value added company we actualise the ideas of our customers by collaborating with innovative manufacturers which are global leaders in their segments.

We advise our customers in order to find optimal technical solutions in the areas of automation technology, industrial electronics, medical technology, system and tool building, machine engineering, multimedia all the way to communications technology.

With individual, customer-specific solutions, we aspire to form long-term, cooperative business relationships with our customers. We are committed to achieving the zero-error-goal and we will continuously optimise our solutions to that end.

High quality and professional system solutions, genuine partnership with our customers and an excellent value for the money form the basis of our everyday work.

Our goal is to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers by acting in a quality-conscious and responsible manner and thus to be an invaluable and indispensable partner to them in the implementation of solutions to problems.

As a high-tech company, we aim to increase and improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our work through ongoing use of modern technical equipment and continuous instruction and further training of our employees.

With our solutions, we want to contribute to further improving quality of life while protecting the environment and resources. In order to ensure jobs and the company itself, we aspire, with our activities, to economic success and growth.